Steven Higgan

Personal Information


Languages and Technologies

ASP.NET (MVC, WebAPI, Core), C#, SQL, Powershell, Dynamics CRM, Visual Studio Team Services, GIT, TFS, Automated Building (continuous integration), Automated Releasing (continuous delivery), Microsoft SQL Server, Devops, Agile, Azure DevOps (azdo) and Waterfall


Client engagements are wide ranging and varying; not all practices are relevant for all clients or systems. As functioning in a service delivery organisation, I have a lot of experience in applying just the right amount of agility in order to respond to situations as they arise.

A core aspect of my approach to implementing DevOps practices in a new client or system Determining where they are at; the fundamental concepts that should be applied as a minimum; once the fundamentals are established and as a part of a continuous improvement process move the client and system to a place that is appropriate for the client and their particular needs.

I have successfully implemented a number of dev-ops practices with a wide range of customer systems including.

Baking in the tooling and measuring systems in is only part of the journey; there is also reporting on your non-functional requirements; Establishing knowledge around how the systems behave so you can work on alerting for when systems start misbehaving.

Organisational Skills


Intergen: 2007 - Present

As a problem solver, I work closely with a client’s subject matter experts, and stakeholders to shake out formal requirements, estimate, and execute the requirements until completion. Depending on the requirements I will either lead a team towards completion, execute completion myself. My role varies between backlog grooming, unblocking problems, implementation tasks, incident management, and resolution.


Work in Progress


Solution lead, Property and Land Management System

C#, ASP.NET Web-forms, SQL, Office COM Automation, Visual Studio Team Systems, Branching methodology.

Multi-tenant district valuation and role system used by a number of agencies to record information against land and properties. Parts were website driven but also has a lot of job automation where it would pick up data form and export to a number of different places.

As a Lead Developer


Solution lead, on a Multi-Tenant Finance Web Application

ASP.NET, MVC, SQL, SOAP over WCF Web Services

Multi-tenant finance brokering system; for managing finance contract lifecycles.

As a Lead Developer

Contributor, Subject Matter Expert on Patient Healthcare System.

XAML, Windows Universal, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebAPI, SQL, Visual Studio Team Systems Continuous Integration, and Release Management pipelining (vsts devops)

Highly interactive patient healthcare system; replacing a paper/electronic system with a purely electronic system that all patient healthcare practitioners used.

As a Team Member

Application support consultant

C#, ASP-MVC, dotnet-core, SQL, Azure DevOps

The work I end up doing can vairy a bit wildly but can be summed up as.

Kognition Consulting Limited: 2005 - 2007

I Started off as an Implementer; given a specification, completed them under guidance from more senior team members. Progressed towards managing small projects; taking a formal specification, estimating and the delivering of work.




Available on Request.